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Wine To Water is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit aid organization + movement focused on providing clean water to people in need around the world. All donations are tax deductible. 

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Give Where Needed

Wine To Water is engaged in many dimensions of the water and sanitation crisis around the world. By giving in this manner you are allowing your gift to be used where it is the most needed. This allows our organization to launch new projects and respond quickly to disaster relief.

East African Well Repair

In East Africa, there are tens of thousands of broken wells. Unrepaired, this cost represents over $1.5 billion dollars. At a fraction of the cost of drilling a new well, our local team repairs the broken wells. However, what sets us apart is working with the local community to establish ownership by forming a local water committee. This committee collects small funds from each household for future repairs, to keep the well in working order, and to insure sustainability. The lasting element of this whole process is not mechanical, it’s relational.

East African Bio-Sand Filter

These simple, point of use water filtration systems use a slow sand filtration process to remove pathogens and suspended solids through biological and physical processes. They are all locally made from concrete, gravel, and sand in six manufacturing centers throughout Uganda and Kenya. Each bio-sand filter 
can provide up to 80 liters of clean water every day. We have installed over 1,450 bio-sand filters, providing clean water for over 
16,000 people.

Ugandan Rainwater Harvest Tank

Half of the world’s schools do not have access to clean water. Schools are a perfect place for our rainwater harvest tanks, which use gutters to channel rainwater from roofs into tanks protected from insects and contamination. Fifteen thousand liter tanks are built on site using specialized bricks, made entirely of compressed soil, water, and small amounts of concrete. This green technology requires no firing or fuel, as opposed to traditionally made bricks that contribute to the heavy deforestation of Africa. These tanks are stronger, longer lasting, and one third the cost of imported plastic tanks, proving to be a sustainable clean water solution in Africa.

Ethiopian Deep Borehole Well

Of the nearly one billion people who lack access to clean water, approximately 75 million live in Ethiopia. In collaboration with Water is Life International we use innovative drill machines, capable of drilling up to 650 feet through rock. In addition to the drilling, behavioral change is addressed though community training in sanitation, hygiene, and oversight of the well. On average, each well serves 500 Ethiopians.

Cambodian Well

Svay Rieng is the poorest province in Cambodia. In poor communities, clean drinking water is the most important need. Along with our partners, Kone Kmeng, we drill shallow wells using locally made drill rigs, testing the water to ensure quality. Access to clean water not only reduces sickness and improves health, but it enables families to raise healthier fish, chickens, and vegetables for food and income. The overall standard of living is improved, children have a greater chance to pursue an education, and ultimately the cycle of poverty is broken.

Haiti Ceramic Filters

The demand for clean drinking water throughout Haiti is urgent. In partnership with FilterPure®, over 8,000 ceramic filters have been produced and distributed from our facility in Cyvadier. Our experienced local staff manufactures high-quality ceramic water filters that provide clean water for a household of five for up to five years. With your help, we will grow factory operations and reach up to 75,000 people in 2013.

Guatemala Well

In 2012 we began work in Guatemala by installing a rain catchment system at a vocational school and water filters at three children’s feeding centers. In 2013 we will expand our projects to provide shallow wells, pumps, and purification filters at communities across the country.

Sawyer® Filters

The revolutionary Sawyer® filter uses kidney dialysis technology to purify water to 99.99%. It is capable of supplying 295 gallons of water per day, enough water for up to 250 people. It is portable, inexpensive, and lasts a minimum of ten years. The Sawyer® filter is ideal for disaster relief, but can also be used in homes, schools, orphanages, and community centers.