How We Work

Our work is centered around local partners, local people, and local materials. This yields an impactful and lasting solution for each area in which we work. We develop leaders in the community and educate them on proper water and sanitation methods to promote sustainable. Our work empowers local communities to meet their ongoing needs.

In every project:

  • We insure that the proper type of water system is being used for that specific community 
  • Our methods included shallow & deep wells, well repairs, ceramic water filters, bio-sand filters,  Sawyer filters, and rain-water harvest tanks 
  • We also improve sanitation using latrine and hygiene education 
  • We use local materials whenever possible 
  • We monitor & report on all our projects 
  • We are constantly developing our programs and striving for more efficient systems

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For more information or questions, please contact Kyle Lomax:, or anyone at Wine To Water